Advanced Excel

Week 1 - Level set, background, whirlwind tour of intro class, layout overview for the next few weeks

  • This is your chance to just watch and ask questions ... no need/time to follow along on a keyboard
  • Columns versus row
  • Column widths and row heights
  • Cell relationships
  • Formatting (bold, underline, italics)
  • Precision
  • Single quoted strings (esp zip codes)
  • Commas in numbers
  • Date formats
  • Cell formats
  • Printer column problems
  • Cool little summing trick at the bottom
  • Indenting (like on an income statement … show wrong way first then the right way)
  • Formulas & functions
  • Drag to create cells
  • sum()
  • Inserting rows/columns does the “right” thing
  • Create the retirement calculator, fixed location cell, then plot the amount over time
  • Charts

Week 2 - Topics about visualizing cells

Week 3 - Formulas & functions, merging cells

Week 4 - Misc collection of nifty tricks

Cheat sheets